At the end of the day

The most important thing we focus on is client satisfaction.

The goal of our strategy is to

Significantly outperform stock indices with a lower drawdown.

TODAY Investments’ trading strategy is designed to maximise profits and minimize risk. It combines individual approach of the trading team with a software algorithms under one roof. The risk is controlled by advanced money management and portfolio diversification. We combine the advantages from all features to the ultimate portfolio setups, which significantly outperform stock indices with a lower drawdown. The main traded instruments are stocks, stock options, commodities and indices.



The decades of experience with stock options trading is applied in credit and debit combinations. In line with advanced money management we are able to deliver a stable uptrend with predictable drawdowns.



Standard Warren Buffett’s approach is done by fundamental and technical analysis. We understand the global economy’s short and long term debt cycles. Based on that, we are able to start to rotate the sectors in early phase. We follow the top market players to invest in stocks. 



Market opportunities are identified in real time in commodity markets. The robustness was tested during the dot-com bubble and the financial crisis of 2008. Trading systems are maintained and monitored by a dedicated trading desk team.


We believe in RRR, which stands for Risk Reward Ratio as our key trade performance indicator. If there is no match between the opportunity and our risk tolerance, we simply wait for better setup. We secure the investment by hedging techniques combined with directional trading. Our philosophy is to achieve the highest possible performance with the lowest possible risk.


Wide-spectrum diversification is delivered by trading of uncorrelated trading systems across sectors and individual instruments. On the stock market we use credit and debit stock options combinations. Portfolio hedge is done on individual stocks as well as market sectors e.g. related index. In commodities we trade Energy, Softs, Metals and Grains. 


In order to make the investment process safe and predictable we use a wide-spectrum diversification. We are able to deliver a positive performance even when the standard equity portfolios are declining. This is achieved by using instruments which are not correlated to stock and bond markets.


Sector diversification is amplified by the usage of multiple trading approaches. Based on market conditions we follow an investment and trading approach. Our systems are capable of trading in both market directions (long and short) and utilise intraday and swing setups.